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Cycling Training Research Study

I am a research physical therapist with undergraduate training in biomedical engineering. I have appointments at the University of Delaware, and Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, PA. My areas of expertise are in applied investigations of optimizing the patterns electrical stimuli applied to skeletal muscle to enhance muscle performance (maximizing force production while minimizing fatigue) during functional electrical stimulation applications (FES), and in the use of electrical stimulation to promote strength and functional gains.

My current sources of funding are NIH and the Shriners Organization. It is my position that strength training is an often overlooked component in the habilitation of children with CP and must be included in any program that promotes physical fitness. Secondary complications in CP such as progressive decline in function, following puberty are often a reality due to muscle weakness that occurs when increased body size and weight is not offset by commensurate strength gains. In reality, muscle strength and limitations in joint range of motion may be exacerbated by muscle and soft-tissue growth that does not parallel skeletal growth.
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