PHYT 641 (Fall 1), 642 (Spring 1), 643 (Fall 2), & 644 (Spring 2)
Rounds I-IV



Course Coordinators

Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS
052 McKinly Lab
Newark DE 19713


Angela Smith, PT, DPT,OCS, SCS, ATC
052 McKinly Lab
Newark, DE 19713

Required Text (top)


Grading (top)

Grading:               Pass/Fail


Numeric Equivalent


>75% correct on 9/12 of rounds sessions


< 75% correct on 4 or more rounds sessions

Credit for Rounds Session


Clicker  quizzes


Attendance at NSC

Proof of attendance(1day or more) = P for 1 rounds session

Failure to attend = unexcused absence for 1 rounds session







Course Standards:

A student must individually pass 9 or more rounds sessions; no cumulative score will be calculated using the grades of each individual session.   Grades for a session are recorded only as P / F after the 75% threshold is determined.

  • An overall course grade of “P” is considered passing.
  • An overall course grade of “F” will be assigned to a student earning less than 75% on 4 or more rounds sessions.
  • Rounds sessions consist of quizzes via clickers and attendance at the National Student Conclave.  To pass the course, a student must earn 75% of determined questions on 9 of 12 clicker sessions.  Proof of attendance at NSC during the fall of 2012 will count as 1 successful clicker session.

No class-wide curves will occur.  Adjustments to the 75% passing criteria will be guided by review of psychometric data and current year of DPT enrollment.

Extra credit projects and assignments (outside those pre-specified within this syllabus) are not permitted.

Clicker Quizzes

  • Acceptance of oral questions during clicker sessions will occur at the discretion of the faculty member of record.
  • Faculty will review quiz data to determine the clarity or appropriateness of a particular question in situations where less than half the class responds correctly. Faculty retain the right to accept multiple answers, retain the question “as-is,” or eliminate the question entirely from the quiz (including reducing the total number of questions by which the quiz is calculated).

Attendance  /  Tardiness

  • If a student is unable to attend a required activity, it is his/her responsibility to discuss the reason with the faculty member of record in advance of the required session. In situations of emergency, the faculty member of record should be notified as soon as possible.  In the case of rounds, the faculty member of record for each rounds session is listed on the course web site next to the date and speaker. 
  • All absences (excused and unexcused) must be made up via review of recorded lecture, power point, and completion of a non-graded written quiz activity within 1 week of the missed rounds session.  Any student who fails to participate in this make-up exercise without prior permission for an extension will receive an overall course grade of fail, regardless of performance on other rounds quizzes.
  • The faculty member of record retains the right to determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.
    • Excused absences:  Absences are considered excused for illness (with MD note), bereavement of an immediate family member, religious observance, or following prior approval from instructor for extenuating circumstances.  To obtain approval, a student must contact the faculty member of record for the rounds in question and provide rationale and any requested documentation for being excused from the rounds class. (See web schedule for the appropriate faculty contact). Only upon approval of the faculty member will an absence be excused.   An excused absence will generate a zero (non-pass) grade for that rounds session. For example, if a student obtained advance permission to be excused from 1 rounds session and passed 10 other rounds sessions (with 75% or more on clicker quiz), the total pass score would be 10/12 and would result in a pass grade for the course.  If a student obtained advance permission to be excused from 1 rounds session and passed 8 other rounds sessions (with 75% or more on clicker quiz), the total pass score would be 8/12 and would result in a failing grade for the course.
    • Unexcused absences will be documented on a Professional Behaviors feedback sheet. Unexcused absences will result in zero credit for that rounds session and a student will incur an unexcused absence grading penalty. In addition to the grade of “0”, the total pass score earned throughout the semester will be reduced by 1 for each unexcused absence.  For example if a student passed 11 rounds sessions (with 75% or more on clicker quiz) and had 1 unexcused absence, the total pass score would be 11 minus 1 (unexcused penalty) = 10 passes.  The net score of 10 passes would be used for calculation of pass / fail for the course.  Passing 10/12 rounds sessions would result in a grade of pass for the final course grade.  If the student passed 10 rounds sessions (with 75% or more on clicker quiz) and had 2 unexcused absences, the final pass score would be 10 minus 2 (unexcused penalty) = 8 passes.  Passing 8/12 rounds sessions does not reach the benchmark criteria of 9/12, therefore a grade of fail would be recorded as the final course grade. 
  • Attendance at lecture is required except as noted above. Failure to attend the National Student Conclave will result in an unexcused absence and will carry grading implications as specified for this type of absence.
  • A student who arrives late to a rounds session will be unable to make up the missed questions and will have the opportunity to answer only the remaining questions in the class period.  

Class Preparedness

  • Students who do not demonstrate appropriate levels of preparedness (i.e. engaged participation in the question and answer portion of rounds) may be asked to leave class and may be subject to an “unexcused” absence for the session and subject to the unexcused absence penalties as noted within this syllabus.
  • Students are responsible to bring clickers in working order to all rounds classes. Students who present without a clicker or a mal-functioning clicker must self-identify him/herself to the instructor prior to the start of rounds or will be marked absent, as the clicker serves as proof of attendance.  Students unable to fully participate in class (i.e. - forgot clicker, dead batteries, malfunctioning clicker, etc.) will earn a grade of “0” for that particular rounds session. The session will be treated as an excused absence if the student self-identified appropriately to the faculty member at the start of class. The session will be treated as an unexcused absence (with additional grading penalty) if the student did not follow proper disclosure protocols as outlined above.
  • Students who attend rounds but are unable to participate (for whatever reason) will not be required to engage in the rounds make-up assignment.

Faculty reserve the right to modify course content / components / schedule if deemed to be in the best interest of student learning or if required by availability of resources.

All principles surrounding academic integrity will prevail. Violations will be taken seriously and will result in disciplinary actions as consistent with University of Delaware standards.

Students who believe educational accommodations are necessary should follow the established procedures as outlined by the University’s Office of Disability Support Services as soon as the need is identified. As there will be no retroactive accommodations, students are encouraged to request accommodation in a timely fashion.

Credit Hours=1