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Muscle Activation following Total 
Knee Replacement

We are currently studying the effect of a new treatment technique to maximize thigh muscle strength for patients immediately after a total knee replacement. Treatment is provided at no cost to the patient for 6 weeks (3 times per week). 

We are looking for subjects following a total knee replacement, ages 55-85, to participate in a research study.  Eligible patients must  have had one or two knees replaced in the past month. 

Patients cannot have:
 1) diabetes
 2) high blood pressure that is not controlled by medication
 3) other significant orthopedic problems in the operated leg

Please contact Jennifer Stevens at The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic if you are interested in participating in this study or would like more information: (302) 831-8893.

053 McKinly Laboratory | University of Delaware | Newark, DE 19716 | phone 302-831-8893 | fax 302-831-4468
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