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Who We Are
In 1984 the Physical Therapy Clinic at the University of Delaware was opened to provide out-patient physical therapy services to the University faculty, staff and students.  The clinic evolved into a full-service professional operation in 1994 to provide educational and research experiences for physical therapy faculty and students.  Our clinic has evolved into the premier outpatient physical therapy clinic in the Delaware Valley. 

The mission of the clinic is to:
1.  provide clinical education experiences for University of Delaware physical therapy students, including opportunities for clinical practice, clinical research, and specialized practical experiences.
2.  promote and expand clinical research opportunities for faculty and students.
3.  provide service to patients from the University community and the community at large  by experienced, highly competent practitioners.

How To Make An Appointment:
 1. Obtain a prescription for physical therapy from your physician.
 2. Contact the clinic at (302)831-8893 and inform the receptionist that you would like to schedule a physical therapy evaluation.
 3. Be prepared to provide the receptionist with your insurance information, your scheduling availability and a brief history of your physical therapy problem. 
 4. Insurance verification will be done on the information you provide and you will be informed of any insurance requirements.  If your insurance requires an authorization or referral for physical therapy, you should begin that process as quickly as possible.  Calling your insurance carrier will help you to clarify what information your particular plan requires.
Frequently Asked Questions.

What do I need to bring to my physical therapy evaluation?
The prescription from your physician, any insurance requirements such as a referral or an authorization number, your insurance card and University ID if you are a University member.  Please come at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out new patient paperwork.  Be sure to bring or wear clothing which will expose your area of injury (i.e. loose shorts for a knee or hip injury, a halter top or sports bra for women with a neck or shoulder injury).

Will insurance cover my treatment?
 Insurance reimbursement varies depending on the type of policy.  Some insurances require their patients only attend specific physical therapy facilities and others allow the patient to attend the facility of their choice.  Insurance verification done after you contact the facility will provide you with that information or you may contact your insurance carrier directly to clarify your physical therapy benefits.

How long will my physical therapy treatments last?
You should allow at least 1 hour for your initial evaluation.  After you have been evaluated, your therapist should be able to inform you how long each treatment session will last, depending on the services needed.  Most therapy sessions last 40 to 45 minutes.

What types of patients do you see?
Our patient load is varied.  We are primarily an outpatient orthopedic clinic with an emphasis on the active patient.  We see many sports related injuries, neck and back injuries, shoulder and knee injuries and patients with arthritis.  We are a full service physical therapy clinic and also see patients with a variety of neurological disorders. 

Do students assist in evaluation and treatments?
This clinic is primarily a teaching clinic.  This means that students will most likely be involved in your care.  All patients are seen and supervised by a licensed physical therapist , however, depending on the training of the students working under that therapist, various levels of care are provided by our Masterís of Physical Therapy students. 

Where can I park?
The Newark Parking Authority parking lot is located directly across the street from McKinly lab where the University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic is located.  The cost for parking is $0.50/30minutes and there is a machine which accepts payment in the lot.   Click here for driving directions.

053  McKinly Lab | University of Delaware | Newark, DE 19716 | phone 302-831-8893 | fax 302-831-4468 
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