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Muscle Performance in Active Elder Individuals
We are looking for relatively active subjects over the age of 65 to participate in a research study that will help determine the strength and endurance of older human thigh muscle (quadriceps). This research will help to identify the cause and effects of age-related muscle loss and how this relates to decreases in strength and endurance. This information may help in the design of a training program for older individuals that minimizes the extent that weakness and fatigue affect daily activities. 

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to participate in one testing session lasting about 1 hour. You will be taught how to maximally contract your thigh muscle, while a brief burst of electrical pulses are given to your thigh to determine if you are indeed maximally contracting your muscle. The electrical stimulation used in this study is common to physical therapy treatments and will pose no harm to you. You will then be asked to contract your thigh muscle 25 times.

Please contact Jennifer Stevens at the University of Delaware if you can participate in this study or if you know someone who may qualify for the study.  (302) 831-4646

053 McKinly Laboratory | University of Delaware | Newark, DE 19716 | phone 302-831-8893 | fax 302-831-4468
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