Godt, Lisa

Currently living in New York, NY

Worked at NYU Medical Center- RUSK for 3 years in rotating positions (outpatient, vertibular, rehab, chest and hand). Been in private practice for I year with a small excellent staff of about 7 PT's. Mostly orthopedic injuries. My job sponsors McCannell courses (shoulder; knee) given at the Joint Effort facility.

Last update: 6/00


Greenbaum, Aimee (Derent)

Currently living in North Brunswick, NJ

Last update: 6/00


Venera, Teri (Vincent)

Currently living in E. Amherst, NY

After graduation moved to Spolcano, WA. Married Scott Venera 10/96 moved to Buffalo, NY 10/97. Hanna Marie born 10/98. Have worked CVA rehab, ortho acute, peds, neuro and ICU acute; home care currently outpatient clinic/ortho.

Last update: 6/00