Iffland, Kit

Currently living in Wilmington, DE

Last update: 6/00


Loughry, Miriam (Christy)

Currently living in Raleigh, NC

I have been married for 7 years to Jon Loughry. We have 2 black labs Ebony (4 years old) and Onyx (13 years old).I am currently working in a satellite outpatient facility serving a very diverse orthopedic and neurologic caseload. I am working toward a manual therapycertification with Institute of Physical Art.

Last update: 6/00

Nasielski, Donna Jean (Groff)

Currently living in San Diego, CA

Last update: 2/07


Taylor, Ken

Currently living in Silver Spring, MD

Selected for promotion to major.Currently living in Washington, D.C.

Last update: 6/00


Triolo, Kris (Kehler)

Currently living in Burlington, NJ

Proud mom of 5 year old boy Cody and 3 year old girl Colby.

Last update: 6/00