Meloy, Lise (Potter)

Currently living in Swarthmore, PA

Last update: 6/00


Stanley, Barbara Goodwyn

Currently living in Mt. Vernon, IN

Professional accomplishments-- Certified Hand Therapist; Co-editor of "Concepts in Hand Rehabilitation" (published in 1993) Personal- Frequently moving with my husband, Tom's job with GE. Last year moved from Alabama to Indiana. Have not worked for the past 3 years due to frequent moves and young children.

Last update: 6/00


Ward, Sue (Recchiuti)

Currently living in Denver, Colorado

After leaving U of D I went west and initially worked at Yellowstone National Park. Then I landed in Denver, Colorado where my sister and I decided to set up home. Short after, I married Steve Ward (he was my next door neighbor at Dickinson co-ed dorm!). Steve and I went to get his law degree and practiced law for a while. He also is very politically active. Currently he is an Arapahoe Country Commissioner. We have two lovely kids. Justin who is almost 12 and loves sports. Jessica who is 8 and loves life. I work 2 days a week and spend the rest of my time either holding down the fort, leading bible study, having fun with the family, or out playing with friends.

Last update: 6/00