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Non-Resident Graduate Tuition 2014-15


Year 1 $6,937 Summer I

$15,856 Fall I

Winter I


Spring I

  $43,604 Total for year 1
Year 2


1st Summer II
$4,955 2nd Summer II
$17,838 Fall II

Winter II


Spring II


Total for year 2

Year 3 $3,964 1st Summer III
  $3,964 2nd Summer III
  $3,964 Fall III
  $11,892 Total for year 3
  $104,055 Approximate Tuition for 2 ½ years based on the current tuition rates.

These figures are based on rates available for the 2014-15 academic year and are subject to increases with each entering DPT class. Due to a College of Health Sciences tuition credit, the DPT student tuition rate is lower than the published University of Delaware graduate tuition rate. Currently, the DPT student tuition rate is $991 per credit hour. Also noteworthy, the tuition rate upon entry into the DPT program will remain constant throughout a DPT student's tenure with us.

The Department of Physical Therapy also awards merit-based academic scholarships, Delaware Resident scholarships, and Deans Diversity scholarships, which are not reflective in the figures above and would provide a student with additional savings.


Housing and Residence Life (302-831-2491 or 302-831-2493 for off-campus) can provide more information regarding housing and meal plans. Contact with previous year’s graduate students may offer alternate housing options.


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