UD PT Clothing Order

Each year, the DPT students organize a UDPT clothing sale during the fall semester.  Below is a list of available items from Fall 2010. For information about purchusing clothing please contact John Mayer, President of the Class of 2011, at loneill@udel.edu

We simplified the order this year so it won't take as long to come in.  Some items from last year were not available this year.  We chose the items that were most popular last year for this order.  Hopefully this will speed up the process once we place the order.

Some info about the order:  

~Checks made payable to UDPT Club and placed in the envelope in the clinic or the envelope in my mailbox.
~All items will have University of Delaware Physical Therapy embroidered on it in the left corner.  The exception to this will be the cotton t-shirt and the gym bag.  The t-shirt will have the UDPT centered on the chest and the bag will have it either on the ends or above the nike check.
~Hoodies and sweatpants will be available in royal and gray.
~Polos will be available in Royal/White and White/Royal.
~Commander Jackets will be available in Royal and Navy.
~Bags will be available in Royal.
~Cotton Tees will be available in Royal, White, and Gray.
~Unfortunately refunds will not be available.

When you have decided please fill out the order form, save it is LastName_OrderForm.doc (ie. ONeill_OrderForm.doc) and email it to me.  After you email me the order form please put a check made payable to UDPT Club in the envelope either in the clinic or my mailbox.  All order forms and money will be due by Monday October 25th.