10 Reasons To Study With Us

1st Reason to Study With Us.
UD Physical Therapy Program has an excellent reputation and is rated
2nd in the nation by US News and World Report.  96% of admitted students graduate from the program (10-year average). All students that have graduated from our program have passed the licensing examination on their first attempt. (See CAPTE Commission on the Accreditation of PT Education web site for more details).


2nd Reason to Study With Us.
Highly Qualified Board Certified and Ph.D. Level Faculty. UD faculty are not only superb teachers, but they are also excellent clinicians and researchers. Among the faculty are many Board Certified Clinical Specialists who provide outstanding didactic and clinical instruction to students throughout the curriculum and supervise students in clinical research and preparation of case reports for publication. The PhD level faculty perform research in state-of-the-art laboratories and have received major research funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, the Whittaker Foundation and the Department of the Army. Faculty research has included the assessment of innovative treatment techniques for persons with sports injuries in conjunction with the Physical Therapy Clinic to investigations into how the nervous system controls movement and behavior. Students often participate in the research projects and have the opportunity to participate in a formal research projects.

3rd Reason to Study With Us.
Unlike any other program in the country UD has TWO full service out-patient Physical Therapy Clinics on-site that provides PT services to the community and allows students exceptional hands-on treatment experiences under the supervision of UD faculty. Physical therapy students participate in patient care as part of three courses PHYT 812, PHYT 821 and PHYT 822 which are Integrated Clinical Experiences in Pediatrics, Orthopaedics and Neurologic and Older Adults, respectively. All students attend these courses. During the Integrated Clinical Experiences, students apply skills learned in other courses as they spend 6 hours per week treating patients under the supervision clinical instructors including Board Certified Clinical Specialists. Patients seen in the clinic have included professional athletes from Philadelphia teams as well as national and olympic caliber ice skaters, many of whom train right here at UD. Geriatric and Pediatric Integrated Clinical Experiences are also provided in local physical therapy practices. For more information please see the UD PT Clinic site.

4th Reason to Study With Us.
Outstanding clinical education opportunities!  At UD, students participate in SIX clinical internships that are sprinkled throughout the program with over 500 clinical sites across the country to choose from. DPT students have the opportunity to participate in 3 full-time internships and 3 part-time semester-long clinical experiences. Opportunities to participate in specialized clinical internships in our own PT clinic are available. These specialized internships include sports medicine, clinical instruction and module learning (Spine, knee and shoulder are the most popular modules). Students also practice under the supervision of PTs including board certified clinical specialists in our full service PT clinics through the courses PHYT812, PHYT 821 and PHYT822 which are Integrated Clinical Experiences in Pediatrics, Orthopaedics and Neurologic and Older Adult Practice Clinics. Patient care experience begins early in the curriculum with students participating in special clinics such as the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic and patients often participate in courses to allow students real patient experience in the classroom and laboratory setting.

5th Reason to Study With Us.
Low Tuition Costs.  UD was ranked 14th among its 100 best values in public colleges in Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine.

6th Reason to Study With Us.
The UD Physical Therapy Curriculum is offered as a 2.5 year program.  Along with excellent didactic and clinical education, students are able to begin their professional practice after the 2.5 year program.

7th Reason to Study With Us.
Location, Location, Location!  Newark, Delaware (pronounced "New Ark") is a town of just under 30,000 people located close to Philadelphia and Baltimore, beaches and mountains. Our college town has the advantages of small town hospitality and low cost of living along with the tremendous cultural and entertainment opportunities of the big cities close by, and plenty of recreation in nearby beaches and mountains!

8th Reason to Study With Us.
The UD Physical Therapy curriculum emphasizes life-long learning.  Physical Therapy students discover quickly that learning continues well after graduation from PT school. Our program trains students to seek out and evaluate resources from the research literature and our courses draw on available studies from the research literature to justify patient treatments. Many of the research studies cited by our professors were performed right here at UD! UD students learn about the current theories underlying patient treatments and how to use the literature to continually improve on physical therapy techniques. This allows UD students to achieve exceptional problem solving skills to use when they encounter new patient problems and situations.

9th Reason to Study With Us.
UD has a high rate of faculty retention and the faculty are cohesive with a commitment  to quality education. Genrally, faculty are highly accessible and many routinely meet with students to provide assistance in course work, career planning or simply to chat.

10th Reason to Study With Us.
Educause Review, a magazine that focuses on information technology in higher education, cited UD for "best practices" in encouraging faculty to adopt new learning technologies. What does this mean to you? Course web sites where you can access course materials from your own home computer!  You can access tremendous technology for preparing presentations for class and conferences. Electronic reserve and on-line electronic journals that make researching topics for class as easy as pointing a mouse! Tremendous technical support and myriad of classes and resources for you to learn about new and emerging technology. They'll even help network your home computer for you!