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Ph.D Training for PT Students

The Physical Therapy Department at the University of Delaware has been awarded a training grant from the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research of the NIH. The goal of this predoctoral training program, lead by Director Stuart Binder-Macleod, PT, PhD, is to improve the quality and quantity of individuals who can conduct excellent research studies on the problems of people with disabilities. Graduates of this program will posses the skills necessary to contribute significantly to the knowledge base and practice in the field of physical rehabilitation.

This innovative training program, coordinated through the Department of Physical Therapy, includes outstanding faculty members from three academic units at the University of Delaware: the Departments of Physical Therapy, Mechanical Engineering, and Health and Exercise Sciences. The program fuses two independent training programs: an entry level Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT), designed to train clinical physical therapists, and the PhD in Biomechanics and Movement Sciences (BIOMS). Research concentrations during the PhD portion of the program will include Applied Physiology, Applied Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Rehabilitation Technology.

The program is analogous to the MD/PhD programs that are designed to train medical scientists. Students in the proposed program will become both physical therapists and research scientists. Graduates of this training program would be ideal faculty members and would foster excellence in rehabilitation research.

Trainees receive tuition scholarships and a yearly stipend of ~$12,000 for five years of study. All students admitted to the DPT program are eligible to apply for admission into this special program.

We are presently in our second five year cycle of funding for this program.

For more information about the PT/PhD Training Grant please click here.

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