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Faculty research focuses on a broad range of disciplines

In addition to training physical therapy students through our clinical DPT, the faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy provide research training for physical therapists and other movement scientists through the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomechanics and Movement Science (BMSC) through which students can earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Faculty research focuses on a broad range of disciplines and many of our faculty collaborate with researchers in other UD Departments and institutions world wide.

BMSC students are exposed to all aspects of research, including experimental design, data acquisition and analysis, and writing manuscripts and grant proposals. We also offer special training for our DPT students who are interested in continuing their education beyond the DPT to earn a PhD.

BMSC graduate students also help mentor undergraduate researchers involved in the extensive Undergraduate Research Program through the Science and Engineering Research Scholars Program and the Peter White Fellowships. Undergraduates who are interested in Peter White Fellowships in the PT Department should click HERE for more information.



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