Sports & Orthopaedic Journal Club
The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Department sponsors a Journal Club for the sports medicine community including local physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, researchers and biomechanists on the third monday of every month. The purpose of the Journal Club is to critically review the current literature on topics of particular interest to the Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Community. Examples of previous topics include ergogenic aides, concussions, and stress fractures. 
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Nov 17, 2003
Ankle Instability

Eils E, Demming C, Kollmeier G, Thorwesten L, Völker K, Rosenbaum D.  Comprehensive testing of 10 different ankle braces: Evaluation of passive and rapidly induced stability in subjects with chronic ankle instability.  Clinical Biomechanics 17 (2002) 526-535. 

Hertel J.  Functional Instability Following Lateral Ankle Sprain.  Sports Medicine, 1 May 2000, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 361-371(11) 

Kaminski TW, Hartsell HD.  Factors Contributing to Chronic Ankle Instability: A Strength Perspective.  J Athl Train. 2002 Dec;37(4):394-405. 

Myers JB, Riemann BL, Hwang J, Freddie H. Fu, FH, Lephart SM. Effect of Peripheral Afferent Alteration of the Lateral Ankle Ligaments on Dynamic Stability. Am J Sports Med 2003 31: 498-506.

Vaes PH, Duquet W, Casteleyn P, Handelberg F, Opdecam P.  Static and Dynamic Roentgenographic Analysis of Ankle Stability in Braced and Nonbraced Stable and Functionally Unstable Ankles.  Am J Sports Med 1998 26: 692-702. 

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