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May 2002 Carpenter JE, Blasier RB, Pellizzon GG. The Effects of Muscle Fatigue on Shoulder Joint Position Sense.  American Journal of Sports Medicine.  1998;26(2):262-5.
McMullen J, Uhl TL.  A Kinetic Chain Approach for Shoulder Rehabilitation.  Journal of Athletic Training.  2000;35(3):329-37.
Myers JB, Lephart SM.  The Role of the Sensorimotor System in the Athletic Shoulder.  Journal of Athletic Training.  2000;35(3):351-63.
Voight ML, Thomson BC.  The Role of the Scapula in the Rehabilitation of Shoulder Injuries.  Journal of Athletic Training.  2000;35(3):364-72.
Wilk KE, Arrigo CA, Andrews JR. Current Concepts: The Stabilizing Structures of the Glenohumeral Joint.  Journal of Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  1997;25:364-79.

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