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Date Link to Articles - Patellar Dislocation and Instability
March 2002 Ahmad CS, Shubin Stein BE, Matuz D, Henry JH.  Immediate Surgical Repair of the Medial Patellar Stabilizers for Acute Patellar Dislocation.  The American Journal of Sports Medicine.  2000;28(6):804-810.
McCall RE, Ratts V.  Soft-Tissue Realignment for Adolescent Patellar Instability.  Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics.  1999;19:549-552.
Micheli LJ, Matanky BK, Diverio DD. Patellar Realignment in the Skeletally Immature.  Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine.  1994;2(4):308-316.
Myers P, Williams A, Dodds R, Bulow J.  The Three-In-One Proximal and Distal Soft Tissue Patellar Realignment Procedure.  The American Journal of Sports Medicine.  1999;27(5):575-579.


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