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Date Link to Articles - Baseball (Overhead Throwing Athlete)
February 2002 Axe MJ, Wickham R, Snyder-Mackler L.  Data-Based Interval Throwing Program for Little League, High School, and Professional Baseball Pitchers.  Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review 2001;9:24-34.
Axe MJ, Windley TC, Snyder-Mackler L.  Data-Based Interval Throwing Programs for Baseball Position Players From Age 13 to College Level.  Journal of Sports Rehabilitation 2001;10:267-286.
Crockett C, Gross LB, Wilk KE, Schwartz ML, Reed J, O’Mara J, Reilly MT, Dugas JR, Meister K, Lyman S, Andrews JR.  Osseous Adaptation and Range of Motion at the Glenohuneral Joint in the Professional Baseball Pitcher.  American Journal of Sports Medicine 2002;30(1):20-26.
Wilk K, Meister K, Andrews JR.  Current Concepts in the Rehabilitation of the Overhead Throwing Athlete.  American Journal of Sports Medicine 2002;30(1):136-151.


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