The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Department sponsors a Journal Club for the sports medicine community including local physicians, physical therapits, athletic trainers, researchers and biomechanists on the third monday of every month.  The purpose of the Journal Club is to critically review the current literature on topics of particular interest to the Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Community. Examples of previous topics include ergogenic aides, concussions, and stress fractures. 

This Month's Journal Club

Date Link To Articles
Nov 20, 2000  Kelly J.  Association of Burners with Cervical Canal and Foraminal Stenosis.
Krivickas L. Sports and Perifpheral Nerve Injuries:  Report of 190 Injuries evaluated in a single electromyography laboratory.
Levitz C.  The pathomechanics of chronic, recurrent cervical nerve root neuropraxia
Markey K.  Upper trunk brachial plexopathy
Nissen S  Burner Syndrome
Torg J  Cervical spine and brachial plexus injuries

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For more information, or if you are interested in joining, call Tara Manal MPT,OCS Clinic Director at the University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, 831-8893 or e-mail

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