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January Torso weighting in neurologic patients
February Dosage and intensity of balance exercise
April Apathy in patients with neurologic disorder
May A Continuation on Apathy Evaluation
June Management of Falls in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Clinical Guidance Statement from the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy of the American Physical Therapy Association

LSVT BIG and Parkinson's Disease

November Intensity and Repetition in Neurorehab
December Neurorehab task specificity, intensity, and repetition, continued
April Subjective Visual Vertical
March ADL in the Elderly Population
February Cognitive Impairments in Elderly Patients
January FES Cycling for Neurological Patients
February Assessing Balance and Fall Risk in Parkinson's Disease
March Exercise in Persons with ALS
April Physical Therapy for Bell's Palsy
May The Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance Test (CS-PFP)
September Gait in Older Adults
October Balance Rehab in the Elderly
November Wii Rehab for Neurological Patients
January Daily Walking in Older Adults
February Multiple Sclerosis and Physical Activity
March The Ashworth Scale and The Tardieu Spasticity Scale-as a body structure/function measure
April Fatigue in the Geriatric Patient
May Conversion Disorder and Physical Therapy Intervention
September Strength Training in Person's with Multiple Sclerosis
October Concussions and Vestibular Physical Therapy
November BIG Therapy for Persons with Parkinson's Disease
January Walking Gait in Older Adults
February Counting Reps: How Many Repetitions Are Enough?
March Continued Discussion: Counting Reps: How Many Repetitions Are Enough?
April Perturbation-based Balance Training Program
May Does Dancing Improve Balance In Older Populations?
September Stair Negotiation in Older Adults
October Treadmill Training and External Cueing for Treatment for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
November The Wolf Motor Function Test
January Cardiac Rehabilitation in Older Adults
February Exercise Post-Stroke: Perceptions and Barriers
March Measuring Function and Disability in Older Adults
April When Does Walking Alter Thinking?
May Locomotor and Strength Training Post-Stroke 
September The ICF: What is it and how is it useful?
October Effects of Vestibular Rehabiliation.
November Self-efficacy and Exercise in Older Adults
January Impairments that limit Exercise
February Evidenced-based Medicine
March Evidence-based Medicine II
April Balance Versus Tai Chi in Preventing Falls
May Postural Alignment
September Four Square Step Test
October Clinical Strength Measurement in a Neurological Population
November Physical Activity and Dementia
December Botox and Stroke
January Dual-Task-Related Gait Changes in Individuals with Stroke.
February Functional Electric Stimulation on Gait Speed
March Strengthening after Hip Fracture
April Intermittent claudication and exercise
May Lower Extremity Function
Sept AFO use post-stroke
Oct Rehabilitation in Patients with COPD
Nov Fall Prevention


January Preventing Osteoporosis: Maximizing Exercise Effects

Exercise and Osteoarthritis Pain

March Self-efficacy and stroke rehabilitaion
April Training BIG in Parkinson's Disease

Factors influencing function in older adults


Fall Prevention


Factors influencing function in older adults


Constraint - Induced Movement Therapy: Results of the largest RCT

December Clinical Measurement of Balance Function




Training Mobility Tasks after Stroke with Combined Mental and Physical Practicenize:13.5pt'

March Mental Practice and Learning
April Vestibular Disorders, Balance, and Rehab
May Factors influencing recovery following hip fracture
June Outcomes following kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty for compression fractures

The Fear of Falling


New techniques to characterize PT intervention post-stroke





Aging Muscle and Strength Training

May Prevention of Falls in Older Adults
November Faster is Better
December Rehab for Osteoporosis

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