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January Office Ergonomic Evaluations
March Nonarthritic Hip Pain and Heel Pain
April Gluteal Muscle Activation
May Hip Arthroscopy Protocols
March TKA Rehab
April Unweighted Treadmill Training
May Rehabilitation Following THA and FAI

Manual PT vs. Corticosteroid Injection for Subacromial Impingement

November Whiplash associated disorders
October Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee
May Orthopedic Spine Management
April Management of ACL Deficient Individuals
February Management of Patient's with Ankylosing Spondylitis
November Outpatient PT Management of Concussion Patients
October Fall Risk Assessment Measures and Evidence-Based Interventions
September Functional Tests/Screens (FMS and SEBT)
May ACLR and Current Reconstruction
April Cervical: myelopathy, headaches, fracture and outcome measures
March ICF guidelines for Low back pain, Knee instability, Knee pain and Ankle pain
February Cervical Manipulation
January Fear Related Pain and Associated Outcome Measures
October Total Shoulder and Total Ankle Arthroplasty
September Low Level Laser Therapy
March Rehab Guidelines/UD Protocol Following TKA
April Review of Standardized Procedures fo the Sorenson and ITO Tests for Low Back Endurance and Effusion Guidelines
May Hand Held Dynamometry
February Hip OA Classification and Diagnositics
April Meniscal Tear Evaluation
September A Comparison of Submaximal Cardiovascular Endurance Testing with an Update on ACSM Guidelines and Clinical Usefulness of Low Back Endurance Testing
October Vestibular Assessment and Screening
November An Update on Achilles Tendon Repair Rehabilitation Guidelines
December Review of Standardized Procedures of the Sorenson and ITO tests for low back endurance and Effusion Guidelines
March SLAP Lesions
April Ankle Sprains
May ICF & Clinical Guidelines
September ICF Overview and How It Can Be Utilized in the Clinic
October Evidenced-based Approach to Achilles Tendinopathies
November Mensical Repairs with Concurrent ACLR and Rehab Time Frames
December Hand-Held Dynamometry
January ECC training with Patellar Tendinopathy
February Hip Rehabilitation
March Central Activation in Muscle
May Conservative Treatment with Carpal Tunnel, Costochondritis, Trigger Thumb
September Lumbar Pain in the Elderly
October Hip Differentials
December Reliability and Validity for Hand Held Dynamometer
February PFPS: Evidence-Based Practice
March Acetabular Labral Tears
April Treatment of the Cervical Spine through Thoracic Manipulation
May Ultrasound to Accelerate Tissue Healing
September Lumbar Spine: Clinical Prediction Rules for Manipulation and Stabilization
October Inclinometer use in the Clinical Setting
November Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction
December Gait Retraining
March Evidence for Lumbar Spine Manipulation
April DVT and Ankle Fracture Prediction Rules
May Clinical Prediction Rules for Shoulder and Knee Injuries
September Injections for Lateral Epicondylitis
October Effects of Traction
November Sports Hernia
January Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
February Prolotherapy
March Cervicogenic Headache: Diagnosis
April Cervicogenic Headache: Treatment
May Management of Patellofemoral Dislocation
September Cuboid Syndrome
October Foot and Ankle Questionnaires
November Ultrasound
December Suprasinatus
January Patellofemoral Dysfunction
February Patellar Taping
March Total Knee Arthroplasty
April Scapular Position and Stabilization
May Hip and Groin Injuries in Athletes
September Achilles Tendon Rupture and Repair
October Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder
November Ergonomics and Occupational Risk
December SI Joint Arthrography
September Mangement of the Stiff Knee
October Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
November Recovery from Nerve Injury in Skeletal Muscle
December Spine Traction

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