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Neurology Residency Curriculum
Example Weekly Calendar:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Meet with Mentor 8-9 am

Treat on Inpatient Rehab 9am-12pm

Follow MD in Clinic 1-6pm

Class with PM&R residents 8am-12pm

Treat on Inpatient Rehab 1-6pm

SKYPE with UD 8-9am

Treat on Inpatient Rehab 9am-12pm

Shadow with Rehab Psych 1-6pm

Treat on Inpatient Rehab 8am-12pm

Follow MD in Clinic 1-6pm

Meet with Mentor 8-9am

Lab TA in Stroke Class at the University of Delaware 9am-12pm

Treat on Inpatient Rehab 1-6pm

Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Delaware Neurology Residency Program
Description of Units

The residency is organized around units related to physical therapy treatment settings at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Delaware. Additionally, the resident will participate in academic education, scholarly activities, and instructing physical therapy students at the University of Delaware. The learning objectives are related to knowledge areas, practice dimensions, and procedures. The learning objectives are universal to the 13.5 month program while the content area units provide the framework to address the vast areas of expertise into focus areas.

Neurology Residency Learning Units

  1. Introduction and Orientation to Facilities                                                          1 month
    1. Orientation to Johns Hopkins
    2. Orientation to University of Delaware
    3. Orientation to Acute Care
    4. Acute Care: Spine                                                                                           
  2. Acute Care                                                                                                                  4 months (variable)
    1. Tumor                                                                                                                  
    2. Vascular                                                                                                              
    3. CVA/Brain Rescue Unit                                                                                 
    4. General Neurology                                                                                        
    5. Neurology Critical Care Unit                                                                       
    6. Pediatrics                                                                                                           
  3. Comprehensive Inpatient Integrated Rehabilitation Unit                             2 months (variable)
    1. Orientation to Rehab                                                                                    
    2. CIIRP                                                                                                                    
    3. Orientation to Outpatient                                                                           
  4. Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Experience                                                     5 months (variable)
    1. Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Program                           
    2. Observation/Treatment with CPO for prosthetic/orthotic management
    3. Clinic visits with specialty area doctors and/or assigned project (ex: ALS, TM, neuro spine, PM&R, spasticity, movement disorder clinic, etc.)
  5. Incoming Resident Orientation/Specialized Clinical Management              1 month (variable)     
    1. Orientation of new Neurology Resident
    2. Continued treatment in designated neurologic area and/or assigned project

Annual Activities – Not Unit Related

Progression of Evaluation/Treatment and Diagnostic /Prognostic Testing

  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital
    1. Attend select PM&R Medical Resident lecture series
    2. Attend select Neuro Psych Resident lecture series
    3. Clinic visits/observation of various medical professionals in different areas (ex: vestibular, MS, ALS, stroke, neuro spine, NPH, etc.)
    4. Attend other neurologic related didactics (ex: pharmacology, etc.)
  2. University of Delaware
    1. Serve as CI to UDPT students in NOA clinic
    2. Serve as TA for Neurophysiologic Evaluation and Treatment class
    3. Presentation at Grand Rounds
    4. Participate in MS Clinic
    5. Participate in stroke-related research studies

Application of Scholarly Activity

  1. Peer Reviewed Publications
  2. National Presentations
  3. Physical Therapy Practice Guideline Development
  4. NOA Journal Club at University of Delaware
  5. EBP Journal Club at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  6. ONRP database management at Johns Hopkins Hospital


The sequence of content areas is meant to prepare the resident to successfully practice at the
determined facilities in accordance to DSP (Description of Specialty Practice), to prepare residents for specialty board certification, and to meet the APTA requirements for credentialing. The curriculum is set up to progressively build upon previous experience and ensure that the goals, objectives, and performance outcomes for the residency program are met. Adjustments to the schedule are made according to the time of year the resident begins the program, availability of faculty and facilities, and other circumstances.















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