Getting Access to Protected PT Department Web Sites

Send your UDEL UNIX ID (the first part of your UDEL e-mail address before the @) to the PT Admissions Coordinator <> and s/he will add your username to the list of people who have access to that resource.

Online Scheduling calendars in Googleapps are used to schedule time in the shared research spaces (MAL, ITL, MPL, etc):

  1. The person who wishes to have access to the Research Lab calendars should ask a colleague in her/his lab group for assistance. If necessary you may request help from Martha Callahan.
  2. People who wish to gain access to the PT Department Calendars should contact Jeanne Warrington, and ask to be invited to share the googleapps calendars.

To be added to an e-mail list

send your e-mail address to the PT admissions coordinator <> s/he will add you to the list. Any e-mail address can be added, (eg. etc) however most people use their e-mail address.