105 Women of Promise honored by UD

4:21 p.m., Nov. 29, 2007--UD honored 105 students who were selected as Women of Promise by UD's Commission on the Status of Women at its annual dinner on November 15. Nearly 100 faculty and UD administrators, including President Patrick Harker, were in attendance.

The Women of Promise dinner honors undergraduate students of exceptional promise. Tenured women faculty nominate students and accompany them to the dinner. The Women of Promise Dinner also fosters mentoring relationships between faculty and students, and increases the students' involvement in the intellectual life of the University.

This year's Women of Promise dinner featured a talk by Roberta Golinkoff, H. Rodney Sharp Chair in Human Services, Education and Public Policy, on “How Do Babies Learn to Talk?”

The Women of Promise for 2007 are: Kelsey Addy, junior; Jacquelyn Allmond, junior; Erin am Ende, junior; Kelly Ambrose, junior; Claire Andoy, sophomore; Lindley Austin, sophomore; Katie Baldwin, sophomore; Rachel Beeson, junior; Rachelle Berger, senior; Elizabeth Blaylock, sophomore; Megan Bloxom, sophomore; Haley Boyd, sophomore; Lauren Bradley, senior; Jennifer Breithaupt, junior; Katie Broderick, junior; Jacquelyn Bryan, senior; Stefanie Busch, senior; Alison Busillo, senior; Marina Caldwell, junior; Lucero Carmona, junior; Allison Casey, junior; Jessica Chiaramonte, junior; Cheryn Clark, senior; Janet Cleary, junior; Leah Colley, sophomore; Meghan Connor, sophomore;

Shira Cooks, junior; Jessica Cooper, sophomore; Samantha Cooper, junior; Elizabeth Coover, junior; Jenna Currier, senior; Sarah Dalton, sophomore; Corinne Decker, senior; Suzanne Di Iorio, sophomore; Andrea English, sophomore; Anna Fafard, junior; Ariel Gibson, junior; Theresa Glenn, junior; Emily Grant, senior; Vanessa Greaney, junior; Amberdawn Griffith, junior; Heather Hartman, junior; Alison Hayes, sophomore; Jennifer Healy, senior; Katherine Houle, senior; Stephanie House, senior; Mary Hutchins, junior; Lauren Isaacs, junior; Christa Jimerson, junior; Alysia Johansson, senior; Mollie Kostielney, junior; Grace Lagasse, sophomore;

Van Lam, junior; Jessica Leitzsch, senior; Ingrid Leventhal, senior; Lacey Lewandowski, junior; Sarah Lieberman, junior; Silje Lier, senior; Cristina Luna, junior; Malavika Mangeshkumar, sophomore; Siobhan May, senior; Ayesha Mays, senior; Caitlin McSweeney, junior; Marianne Meshreki, junior; Alicia Montalbano, junior; Livia Montone, senior; Stephanie Moran, junior; Yana Novikova, senior; Kimberly O'Dowd, junior; Stephanie Oman, senior; Margaret O'Shea, junior; Kelsey Paras, senior; Cassandra Patriarco, junior; Alanna Peet, senior; Monica Peiffer, senior; Shawneila Pierre, senior; Angela Pollino, junior; Camille Pouliot, senior; and

Sharon Pozzo, senior; Natalina Rager, junior; Patrese Robinson, junior; Sarah Rodriguez, junior; Yesenia Rodriguez, sophomore; Lindsay Ross, junior; Brittany Russell; Lindsay Schmiedel, junior; Lisa Sherry, junior; Evanna Singh, junior; Mandy Skoranski, junior; Carolynn Sloat, senior; Michelle Smith, junior; Christine Snow, senior; Rachel Spain, senior; Margaret Steller, junior; Dionne Stephenson, senior; Deborah Strnad, junior; Erin Sullivan, sophomore; Diaraye Sylla, junior; Erin Toole, senior; Allison Wechter, senior; Anne Wylde, senior; Christine Yacyshyn, junior; Chati Lum Zony, senior; Shirin Zoofan, junior; Madolyn Zottoli, junior.

The event originated 27 years ago as an opportunity for tenured women faculty to get to know students they feel have strong academic promise.