Strategic Planning Committee issues status report

1:41 p.m., Dec. 6, 2007--The University's Strategic Planning Committee has issued a letter to the University community on its work this fall. The letter is printed here.

Dec. 4, 2007

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the University of Delaware,

We are writing on behalf of President Harker's Strategic Planning Committee to let you know where we are in our planning process and to give you a sense of some of the issues that we are discussing.

But first, we want to thank everyone who has attended our meetings and provided helpful input via the online suggestion box. Our charge from President Harker was to engage the University and broader community in active discussion about how we can continue to move the University of Delaware forward on its path to national and international prominence. We are pleased to report that this discussion has been extraordinarily active. To date, committee members have hosted nearly 100 meetings, and received more than 400 online submissions and a large collection of detailed proposals.

These meetings will continue through December; we anticipate and welcome additional online suggestions.

These discussions have produced scores of suggestions, big and small, about the many ways we might improve our University and enhance its reputation. While this is not a complete list, common themes and emerging initiatives include environmental awareness/sustainability, globalization and diversity, graduate and professional programs, multidisciplinary research, partnership and entrepreneurship, the cultural and intellectual ethos on campus, alumni engagement, and the university's role in the state of Delaware.

The next phase of our work involves a series of day-long committee meetings between semesters, during which we'll review the input received this fall and begin to articulate a handful of themes and issues that best capture the most important ideas we've heard from you.

As President Harker announced in September, this process will culminate in a “University of Delaware Forum” on May 10, 2008. Between now and then we look forward to continuing our dialogue with you as we work together to identify a series of strategic initiatives for the University of Delaware.

All good wishes,

Debra Hess Norris and Mark Barteau
Co-chairs of the UD Strategic Planning Committee