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Steiner named associate provost for interdisciplinary research initiatives

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26 faculty receive General University Research Grants

1:50 p.m., April 4, 2003--Faculty members have received General University Research Program awards for the summer of 2003, totaling $153,346.

Recipients include:

Ali Alalou, assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures, “A Content-based Approach to Teaching French,” $3,400;

Karl F. Aquino, associate professor of business administration, “Moral Identity and the Use of Neutralization Strategies,” $6,000;

Fleda S. Brown, professor of English, a new book of poems with the working title, “Reunion,” $6,000;

Linda Bucher, associate professor of nursing, “Determining the Effectiveness of the Bispectral Index for Monitoring Sedation in Patients,” $6,000;

Xiaomei Cai, assistant professor of communication, “Testing the Functional Equivalence Principle Underlying the Computer’s Displacement Effects,” $5,975;

Jianguo Chen, assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures, “The Politics of Nostalgia, Male Subjectivity and National/Cultural Identity in China,” $6,000;

Darwin J. Davis, assistant professor of business administration, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Flextime Work Schedules in Manufacturing Settings,” $6,000;

Cheng-Shun Fang, associate professor of nutrition and dietetics, “Develop and Validate a Brief Dietary Fiber Food Frequency Questionnaire,” $6,000;

Peter X Feng, associate professor of English, “Asian Americans and Television,” $6,000;

Philip D. Flynn, professor of English, research in Scotland necessary for completion of a book, $6,000;

Daniel J. Freeman, assistant professor of business administration, “The Persuasive Potential of Brand and Product-based Video Games,” $6,000;

Cristina M. Guardiola, assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures, “The Legend of the Morica Garrida: ‘Conversion and Cultural Identity,’” $5,971;

Matthew J. Kinservik, associate professor of English, “The Enlightenment After Dark: Sex, Scandal and Celebrity in the Age of George III,” $6,000;

Yasemin Y. Kor, assistant professor of business administration, “Analysis of Industry Effects on Board Monitoring and Executive Compensation,” $6,000;

Jennifer L. Lambe, assistant professor of communication, “Defining Characteristics of Public Censorship Attitudes,” $6,000;

Susan J. Loeb, assistant professor of nursing, “Minority Elders with Multiple Chronic Conditions: How Do They Cope?” $6,000;

Judy B. McInnis, professor of foreign languages and literatures, “Ten One-act Plays by José Echegaray, 1904 Nobel Prize Winner,” $6,000;

Carolee A. Polek, assistant professor of nursing, “Developing a Sun-Safe Program for State Licensed Daycare Centers,” $6,000;

Jong-Youn Rha, assistant professor of consumer studies, “An Exploratory Study: Delaware E-government Services from a Consumer Perspective,” $6,000;

Matthew J. Robinson, assistant professor of health and exercise sciences, “Job Satisfaction and Perceived Stress of NCAA Directors of Athletics,” $6,000;

Jonathan S. Russ, assistant professor of history, “Globalization in the Heartland: Honda and Toyota as Transplanted Manufacturers,” $6,000;

Sharon C. Walpole, assistant professor of education, “Growth in Reading and Spelling with Differentiated Phonics Instruction,” $6,000;

Sharon Watson, assistant professor of business administration, “Foreign Subsidiary Strategy and Government Affairs Activities,” $6,000;

Owen C. White, assistant professor of history, “Alcohol and French Power in the Ivory Coast, 1900-1920,” $6,000;

Richard K. Wittman, assistant professor of art history, “Memory and Monument in Public Discourse: The Reconstruction of S. Paolo fuori le Mura in Rome (1823-1930),” $6,000; and

Julian D. Yates, associate professor of English, “Renaissance Organics: Figuring the Past with Plants and Animals,” $6,000.