Volume 7, Number 4, 1998

Honorary Football captains

Former Blue Hen football letter winners chosen to serve as honorary captains this season include, from left, the late Robert Papy, AS '47, of Cape Coral, Fla.; Joseph Purzycki, HNS '71, CHEP '77M, of Greenville, Del.; and Robert Hooper, AS '56, of Hockessin, Del. Honorary captains, who have made valuable contributions to the UD athletics program, take part in the pre-game ceremonies as University guests. Just prior to program ceremonies Sept. 19, Mr. Papy was injured on the field, breaking his hip. He died in the early morning of Sept. 21. Mr. Papy played tackle with the 1946 Blue Hen football team--which had a 30 game winning streak including a 21-7 victory in the Cigar Bowl in Tampa, Fla.