Volume 7, Number 2, 1998

History and the Holocaust

David Preston, a journalist at The Philadelphia Inquirer (left), and his father, George Preston, a retired DuPont Co. engineer, were among the participants in a panel discussion on "History and the Holocaust" held March 17 on the Newark campus.

George Preston described his experiences at Auschwitz, while his son spoke about his mother, also a concentration camp survivor.

Other panelists were Willard Fletcher, UD professor emeritus of history and current member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council's academic committee, and Brewster Chamberlin, director of archives at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

More than 150 persons attended the discussion, which focused on the need to inform the general public about Hitler's death camps.

Two exhibitions designed to increase campus awareness of the Holocaust were held in April in the Morris Library and the University Bookstore in the Perkins Student Center.

The programs were sponsored by the Holocaust Education Task Force.

According to task force chairperson Raymond Callahan, associate dean in the College of Arts and Science, "The Holocaust has been remembered by historians, novelists and filmmakers, as well as recalled by its survivors. The activities in the bookstore and library help make the point that its impact on our collective memory is--and should be--immense."

In addition to the two exhibits, a number of Holocaust-related films were scheduled during April by the University Library, with multiple showings on two campus cable channels, UDTV Channel 48 and SLTV Channel 49.

The programming is part of the response from the University community to a Holocaust denial story that was printed in the campus newspaper, The Review, one of over 70 college and university publications across the country duped into printing the offensive material.