Volume 6, Number 4, 1997

Merged colleges begin new era

On July 1, five University colleges became two. The colleges of Nursing and Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation merged to become the new College of Health and Nursing Sciences, under the leadership of Dean Betty Paulanka. This new College of Heal th and Nursing Sciences includes the departments of Medical Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics and Health and Exercise Science, as well as the Biomechanics and Movement Science Program.

Dan Rich is dean of the new College of Human Resources, Education and Public Policy, which joins the former colleges of Urban Affairs and Public Policy, Education and Human Resources. The new college houses the departments of Individual and Family Studies ; Consumer Studies; Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management; Educational Development; and Educational Studies; as well as the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy.

The college also includes more than a dozen major public service and research centers with programs at the local, state, national and international levels.

The mergers are designed to maximize the strengths of the faculty and promote new links and connections for learning, research, public awareness and community service.

Deans D. Allan Waterfield (Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation), Dene G. Klinzing (Human Resources) and Interim Dean Roberta G. Golinkoff (Education) have returned to the faculty.

With the July 1 reorganization, the University now has a total of seven colleges instead of the previous 10. The other colleges are Agricultural Sciences, Arts and Science, Business and Economics, Engineering and Marine Studies.