University of Delaware
Office of Public Relations
The Messenger
Vol. 6, No. 1/1996
Between the covers

Jan Blits, UD educational studies, The Insufficiency of Virtue:
     'Macbeth' and the Natural Order, Rowman & Littlefield.
John C. Cavanaugh, UD graduate studies, Adult Development and
     Aging, Brooks/Cole.
Robert A. Day, UD English, Como Escribir y Publicar Trabajos
     Cientificos, Pan American Health Organization.
James M. Dean, UD English, Medieval English Political Writings,
     TEAMS Middle English Texts Series, Medieval Institute,
Donald L. Fennimore Jr., Delaware '71M, Metalwork in Early
     America: Copper and Its Alloys from the Winterthur
     Collection, Winterthur Museum.
Kevin J. Hayes, Delaware '89M, '91PhD, A Colonial Woman's
     Bookshelf, University of Tennessee Press.
Nancy King, UD honors program, with Alida Gersie, Storymaking in
     Education and Therapy, Dutch translation, HvU Press.
Lalita A. Manrai and Ajay K. Manrai, UD business administration,
     Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National
     Consumer Research, International Business Press.
George M. Naimark, Delaware '51PhD, A Man Called Skeeter (and
     other business musings), Windhover Information.
Francis C. Poole, UD library, with R. Kevin
     Lacey, Mirrors on the Maghrib: Critical Reflections on Paul
     and Jane Bowles and Other American Writers in Morocco,
     Caravan Books, Delmar.
Bill Rose, Delaware '73, Life Under a Rock, TRN Inc., St.
     Augustine, Fla.
Kenneth H. Rowe, Delaware '58, A MIG-15 To Freedom, McFarland &
     Co. Inc.
William H. Williams, UD history, Slavery and Freedom in Delaware,
     1639-1865, Scholarly Resources Inc.
Andrew Zydney, UD chemical engineering, with Leos J. Zeman,
     Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration: Principles and
     Applications, Marcel Dekker.