University of Delaware
Office of Public Relations
The Messenger
Vol. 5, No. 4/1996
Tiffany tradition

     The University is a Tiffany family tradition, with the Class
of 1996's Jason Tiffany, a chemical engineering major, a third-
generation graduate.
     His father, Harold E. Tiffany III, who started out with the
Class of 1965 and ended up graduating in 1971 because of the
Vietnam War, is a pilot for the Delaware National Guard, while
his mother, Elizabeth Sinclair Tiffany, Delaware '68, has been a
teacher at Indian River School for 27 years.
     His grandfather, Harold E. Tiffany Jr., is a 1940 graduate,
and his maternal grandmother, Jane Hastings Sinclair, is a 1942
graduate. His great-grandfather, Harold E. Tiffany, was on the
other side of the desk and taught chemistry at what was then
Delaware College from approximately 1911-18 and returned to teach
again in the 1920s.