University of Delaware
Office of Public Relations
The Messenger
Vol. 5, No. 2/1996
UD Web site cited among the best

     The University of Delaware's World Wide Web site has been
named one of PC Computing magazine's "Best 1,001 Internet Sites."
Under a category of U.S. universities and schools, UD is one of
only 16 institutions, including Boston, Carnegie Mellon, Ohio
State and Stanford universities and the universities of Notre
Dame, Southern California, Virginia and California at Berkeley.
     For the magazine's December issue, the editors "spent weeks
combing the Web to find the 1,001 hottest, most informative sites
and grouped them into more than 100 popular-interest categories
for easy reference," listing "all the best Web addresses."
     PC Computing magazine's "best" rating is only one of several
positive reviews of the UD site by outside businesses and on-line
directories, including Magellan and Starting Point Choice. The
College of Agricultural Sciences Aginfo site has also received a
Best of Planet award by the 2ask on-line service.
     The University, which has had a site on the World Wide Web
since the summer of 1994, recently redesigned its home page and
premiered it in October. Each month, the UD home page receives
more than 40,000 visits.
     The University's site opens on a color montage of the campus
in three seasons, overprinted with the interlocking University
logo. Below this illustration, five boxes provide immediate
access to widely used features, including a search engine for all
the pages on the UD Web; campus directories, including phone and
fax numbers and e-mail and v-mail addresses; help; a listing of
new UD Web pages; and information on the Internet.
     Next, the page is divided into four main sections: the Blue
Hen Welcome Center, including Admissions and Conference Centers;
Learning and Research, including Colleges, Libraries and the
Honors Program; Campus Life, including Athletics, Faculty and
Staff, Bookstore and UD News; and Offices and Services, including
Career Services, Technology and the Student Services Building.
Links within each of these blocks connect the user to additional
pages with more specific information.
     To view the UD Web pages, go to: