University of Delaware
Office of Public Relations
The Messenger
Vol. 5, No. 2/1996

Cheryl Peterson '81AG to Jack Helks '80BE,  November 1995
Lynn A. Yeomans '81HR to Robert W. O'Donnell, Dec. 29, 1995
Andrew Bouck '82AS to Ana Maria Silvar Formoso,  Aug. 14, 1995
Stuart Lorber '82AS to Mary Beth McCabe, Oct. 22, 1995
Sharon A. Perry '82BE to Paul Gibson, July 4, 1995
Lisa Hobbs '83NU to Ronald Burke, Oct. 21, 1995
Bonnie Rose '83HR to Michael Rogovin, Oct. 29, 1995
Kathleen Kline '85AS to Carl Mangione '91M/AS, September 1995
Anne E. Beall '88AS to David J. Larrich, Oct. 2, 1993.
Elizabeth Kilby '88ED to Robert Singleton McClure IV, July 8, 1995
Deborah M. Dick '89ED to Charles R. Bailey, July 1, 1995
Meredith S. Kaplan '89NU to Robert M. Chiatello,  April 9, 1994
Amy M. Davis '90ED to Jeffrey S. Zyck, July 8, 1995
Maria Florio '90HR to Mark E. Ruffolo '91AS, Sept. 10, 1994
Brett D. Juliano '90AS to Susan Weisberg '91AS, Aug. 21, 1994
Tania Kushnir '90AS to Timothy M. Lyons, Dec. 31, 1994
Juliane Madsen '90HR to David Steenkamer '87EG, '94PhD/EG, Oct. 14, 1995
Kathy Matulevich '90HR to John Harzich, Aug. 5, 1995
Jill Ricci '90ED to Todd DeRuchie, May 27, 1995
Jaimi F. Rubin  '90AS to Michael Gordon, June 11, 1995
Tracy Witek '90AS to David Lewandowski, Aug. 19, 1995
Patricia Berry '91ED to Michael J. Curley, May 28,1994
Susan K. Bieber '91AS to Edward J. Helenski '91AS, July 16, 1994
Megan Loretta Totino '91AS to Michael F. Consedine, June 17, 1995
Nicole Senior '91AS to Jose Angel Montenegro, May 12, 1994
Eric Polesuk '91EG to Jennifer Stashin '92ED, July 9, 1995
Christine Watters '91AS to Michael D. Cassu '92AS, Dec. 30, 1994
Monique B. Bomse '92HR to Timothy S. Bamforth, Oct. 7, 1995
Jason E. Breyo '92AS to Ginger Richards, July 1, 1995
Rob McAnnally '92EG to Melissa Sue Petrovich, June 16, 1995
Robyn S. Moxham '92AS to John K. Markley '91AS, Dec. 2, 1995
Warren J. Patterson '92EG to Jennifer Giblin '94AS, Oct. 6, 1995
Christina Ronchi '92AS to Thomas B. McAlpin, April 16, 1994
LeeAnne Smith '92AS to Mark Talbot '92BE, June 24, 1995
Michele Vranich '92ED to Rich Burr, Dec. 30, 1994
Amy Mazziotta '93AS to James A. Scheider '93AS, July 1, 1995
Jennifer Nostrom '93AS to David Calamaro '93AS, Oct. 7, 1995
Deana S. Lantz '94HR to Gregory Boucher, July 1, 1995
Christina Oldendorp '94NU to John McGann, Sept. 30, 1995