University of Delaware
Office of Public Relations
The Messenger
Vol. 5, No. 2/1996
Doing something for Delaware

     You decide.
     These words describe the University of Delaware's Annual
Giving program.
     "Donors are more inclined to support us when they discover
two points," Stewart Stabley, interim director of development,
says. "First, donors can select what program to support, and
second, 100 percent of that gift is used for its intended
purpose. No administrative costs are associated with the gift."
     During this academic year, there are more than 1,000 first-
time alumni donors, according to Joseph Bradley, Delaware '79,
director of annual giving. "This is a trend we're working to
continue," he says.
     Anthony Rossi, Delaware '94, a first-time donor to the
University, says he believes many students are helped through
scholarships and previous alumni gifts. "I think it's important
to give to your alma mater. I've been fortunate and maybe I can
help someone else," Rossi says. This view is shared by Lauren
Stern Hartman, Delaware '88. "I value the experience I had at the
University of Delaware and feel that it has greatly helped me in
my career. I want to do what I can to help give today's students
the same opportunities," she says.
     Bradley points out that 80 percent of the University's
alumni have graduated in the last two decades, and these recent
graduates have an important role in sustaining the growth of the
University of Delaware. "We are working to encourage alumni
participation soon after graduation," he says.
     National surveys of higher education often emphasize alumni
donor participation in ranking universities. Corporations and
foundations also place significant emphasis on a university's
alumni support. "Our firm makes funding decisions based on alumni
giving," says Bob Lipstein, Delaware '77, a partner of KPMG Peat
Marwick. "If alumni support their institution, it sends a strong
message to others that it's a great investment. If those closest
to the institution believe in it, we should too."
     Every gift is important to the University, says Stabley.
"For that first gift, especially, the act of giving is more
important than the amount." A $60 annual gift, or $5 per month,
is a good start, Bradley says.
     "There are excellent reasons to give to UD, and that's why
people are contributing in larger numbers," says Bradley.
"Perhaps the best reason is that others paved the way for us, and
now it's our turn to help educate current and future students."