University of Delaware
Office of Public Relations
The Messenger
Vol. 5, No. 1/1995
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation

   The University of Delaware Messenger (USPS 01-0743) is
published quarterly by the Office of Public Relations, University
of Delaware, 150 South College Avenue, New Castle County, Newark,
DE 19716-7201. Publisher and executive editor: Mary Hempel,
Director, Office of Public Relations; managing editor: Cornelia
Weil, Office of Public Relations; owner: University of Delaware,
Newark, DE 19716.

     Extent/Nature            Average no. copies    Actual no. copies
     of Circulation            each issue during    of single issue
                              preceding 12 months    vol. 4, no. 4

     Total number copies               82,500         85,500

     Sales through dealers
     and carriers, street
     vendors, counter sales                 0              0

     Paid or requested mail
     subscriptions                     78,500         82,754

     Total paid and/or requested
     circulation                       78,500         82,754

     Free distribution by mail            200            200

     Free distribution outside
     the mail                           2,000          2,000

     Total free distribution            2,200          2,200

     Total distribution                80,700         84,954

     Copies not distributed             1,800            546

     Total                             82,500         85,500

     Percent paid/requested
     circulation                       97.27%         97.41%