Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 3, Page 18
Alumni Profile - Yard guys' annual muster

     In the fall of l978, nine freshmen moved into the second floor of
Russell A residence hall and started building friendships that remain
intact to this day. Originally from Delaware, New York and New Jersey,
"The Guys" get together on the same weekend each year, year in and
year out, first in Penobscot Bay, Maine, and now in Susquehanna
County, Pa. Unwilling to miss even one annual reunion, one member flew
in from Saudi Arabia to catch up on news, relive the good ol' days and
generally veg-out with old friends.
     These l982 graduates once drove old cars with trunks big enough
to sneak each other into drive-in movies, ogled Farrah Fawcett and
listed Walter Payton as the sports hero of their day.
     Their favorite movie was the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the
fashion trend they would most like to forget is the first designer
jeans and, if you ask them what novel they read that changed their
lives, they'll tell you...well, there wasn't one. Only their theme
song-"Roll Out the Barrel"-defines their generation, but that's
because it's one song that Ed Gorski, who plays the accordian, knew.
Gorski (fourth in photo) still pulls out the old squeeze box when the
group gathers each year.
     Other members of the group are (left to right): Mike Rightmire,
computer consultant; Lenny Rybaltowski, sales representative for
Zeneca; Joe (Gar) Garniewski, MBNA vice president; Gorski, quality
improvement for Chrysler Corp.; Jason (Tarzan) Hackett, lithographic
consultant; Stu Lorber, programmer for UPS; Dave Lillard, freelance
writer and partner in a publishing company; and Joe Concars,
Beneficial National Bank collections representative. Andy Bouck, a
captain in the U.S. Air Force, was absent when this photo was taken.