Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 3, Page 5
Technology enhances phonathon

     The University of Delaware, recognized as a national leader in
technology, began using an automated dialing system in April to
enhance the efficiency of the Delaware Annual Fund phonathon.
     According to Director of Annual Giving Joseph W. Bradley,
Delaware '79, '87M, during the system's first five weeks in operation,
callers reached 49 percent more alumni than the preceding five-week
period of manual calling.
     Reaction to the computerized system, developed by EIS
International Inc. of Stamford, Conn., has been overwhelmingly
positive. "I definitely prefer talking to people more than listening
to ringing, wondering if anyone will pick up," says Nicole Hollis,
Delaware '98.
     Todd Tenenbaum, Delaware '95, says he likes the swifter pace
brought on by the new system. "The computer keeps things moving," he
     Karen Roushey, Delaware '96, points out a key breakthrough: "You
talk to more people; you receive more pledges."
     During the initial 10-day calling session, arts and science
alumni pledged 35 percent more than they did over a comparable period
six weeks earlier when the same students dialed manually.
                                       -Bill Clark, Delaware '82, '94M