Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 3, Page 9
Smith goes high-tech

     Rooms 120 and 130 of Smith Hall have been transformed into  high-
tech classrooms. Using the latest technology, the rooms now feature
built-in, multimedia equipment offering a variety of options for
teaching and presentations.
     The largest classroom on campus, Room 120 has a seating capacity
of 273 and is now in use for such courses as art history, animal
science, chemistry and geology.
     Both rooms are equipped with a multimedia console, which doubles
as a lectern. By selecting the proper setting from the main menu at
the console, a professor easily can select and present music, slides,
films, compact discs, a computer screen and videotapes, or adjust the
lighting. The console also is equipped with a microphone with volume
     Behind 120 Smith is a specially equipped smaller room with
equipment where films, slides, compact discs and videos can be easily
loaded for sight and sound presentations. Unlike Kirkbride Hall, where
a central projection room serves smaller rooms with the aid of a
resident media specialist, the Smith facility is designed to be self-
served by faculty.
     The front of Room 120 is furnished with a chalkboard topped by
large screen for slides. The slides, which can be shown singly or two
at a time, can be focused from the console.
     For films, a large movie-theatre-sized screen drops from the
ceiling at the front of the room, while simultaneously a projector is
automatically lowered from the ceiling over the seating area.
     Other classrooms on campus have been upgraded, such as Room 131
Sharp Laboratory, used by the physics department.