Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 3, Page 7
MBNA pledges $2.5 million to UD business college

     MBNA America has pledged $2.5 million over five years to the
University in support of a new building and the renovation of existing
facilities for the College of Business and Economics.
     The gift is contingent upon state of Delaware appropriations
totaling $11 million over the next four years in support of a $15
million project that involves an addition to and renovation of Purnell
Hall-home to the College of Business and Economics since 1972.
     With the MBNA gift, the University has raised $3.7 million toward
the $4 million goal from private sources for the project, including a
$1 million gift from benefactor Chaplin Tyler of Hockessin.
     "The University of Delaware is very, very thankful to MBNA for
this latest-and wonderfully generous-display of support for the
College of Business and Economics," President David Roselle said.
"MBNA is truly one of Delaware's most outstanding corporate citizens.
The University is extremely grateful for this gift, which ensures a
successful close to our private fundraising goal for this important
     "Over the past 13 years," Charlie Cawley, MBNA chairman and CEO,
said, "our respect for the University of Delaware and its role in our
success has grown. Currently, more than 1,600 MBNA people are either
University of Delaware graduates or are attending the University."
     Since Purnell Hall was built, Roselle said, the number of degrees
awarded by the College of Business and Economics has more than
doubled, the number of student credit hours taught has increased by
more than 60 percent and the number of full-time faculty has increased
from 48 to 87.
     Current enrollment stands at 1,775 undergraduate student majors
and 505 graduate student majors. The college also provides a wide
range of service courses for students in the University's nine other