Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 2, Page 1
Cause Award for Excellence in Campus Networking

     Beneath the lawns and within the walls of the University of
Delaware campus lie more than 700 miles of fiber optics and cable,
forming a network that connects everyone to one another and to the
information superhighway-the Internet. Information technologies-video,
data and voice-touch and enhance every aspect of life and learning at
the University. UD's technologies are unparalleled on any campus,
anywhere-an accomplishment recognized nationally with the recent
presentation to the University of the CAUSE Award for Excellence in
Campus Networking. This award cites UD for exemplary campus-wide
network planning, management and accessibility, as well as effective
use of the campus-wide network to enhance teaching, learning,
research, administration and community service. The selection
committee calls UD a "model" for other institutions of higher learning
across the country. See why in the special insert in this issue.

Illustration by Keith W. Heckert, Photos by Robert Cohen