Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 2, Page 11
Between the covers

     Jimmy Durante: His Show Business Career with an Annotated
Filmograph and Discography by DAVID BAKISH, Delaware '71 Ph.D.,
professor of English at Medgar Evers College, City University of New
York. McFarland & Co.

     Cumberland Furnace: A Frontier Industrial Village by GEORGE E.
JACKSON, Delaware '39, of Dickson, Tenn. Self-published.

     Our Own Snug Fireside: Images of the New England Home, 1760-1860
by JANE C. NYLANDER, Delaware '59M, of Portsmouth, N.H. Yale
University Press.

     A Surgeon's Civil War: Letters and Diary of Daniel M. Holt, M.D.,
by JANET L. CORYELL, Delaware '80 M, associate professor of history at
Western Michigan University, co-edited with James M. Greiner and James
R. Smither. Kent State University Press.

     Response to Disaster: Fact Versus Fiction and Its Perception of
the Sociology of Disaster by HENRY W. FISCHER III, Delaware '83M, '86
Ph.D., of Alliance, Ohio. University Press of America.

     The Winterthur Garden: Henry Francis du Pont's Romance with the
Land by DENISE MAGNANI, Delaware '69, '72, curator and director of
landscape at Winterthur. Contemporary and archival photographs. Harry
N. Abrams.

     Children of Peace, a study of a religious sect in 19th-century
Canada, by W. JOHN MCINTYRE, Delaware '75M, '91 Ph.D., of Ontario,
Canada. McGill-Queen's University Press.

     The 50 Secrets of Highly Successful Cats, typing by MICHAEL
O'SHEA, Delaware '81M, '84 Ph.D. Suggestions by Colleen Q. O'Shea and
her younger feline colleague, Crumbum A. McIntosh, on how to train
humans to be delightful companions. Dell Publishing.

     Women of Japan and Korea: Continuity and Change by MARIAN LIEF
PALLEY, UD professor of political science and international relations,
with Joyce Gelb of City University of New York. Temple University

     Vie et Mort des Indiens d'Amerique du Nord (Life and Death of the
North American Indians) by RENE COULET DU GARD, retired UD professor
of foreign languages and literatures, second edition. Editions France-
Empire, Paris.

     Planning the French Canals: Bureaucracy, Politics and Enterprise
Under the Restoration by REED G. GEIGER, UD professor of history.
University of Delaware Press.

     Disasters, Collective Behavior and Social Organization, edited by
RUSSELL R. DYNES, UD research professor, and KATHLEEN J. TIERNEY, UD
associate professor of sociology. University of Delaware Press.

     The Poems of Thomas Sheridan by ROBERT HOGAN, retired UD
professor of English. University of Delaware Press.

     International Organizations: Principles and Issues by A. LEROY
BENNETT, UD professor of political science and international relations
emeritus, sixth edition. Prentice-Hall.

     Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Basic Readings, edited by MARY P.
RICHARDS, UD professor of English and dean of the College of Arts and
Science. Garland Publishing Co.

     German Immigrant Service Contracts Registered at the Port of
Philadelphia 1817-1831 by FARLEY GRUBB, UD professor of economics.
Genealogical Publishing Co.

     Political Science Research Methods by JANET B. JOHNSON, UD
associate professor of political science and internationational
relations, with R.A. Joslyn, third edition. Congressional Quarterly

      Foreign Policy Making and the American Political Systems by
JAMES K. OLIVER, UD professor of political science and international
relations, third edition. Johns Hopkins University Press.

     Adirondack Voices: Woodsmen and Woods Lore by ROBERT D. BETHKE,
UD associate professor of English, paperback edition. Syracuse
University Press.

     Race, Class and Gender: An Anthology by MARGARET L. ANDERSEN, UD
professor of sociology and criminal justice, with Patricia Hill-
Collins, second edition. Wadsworth Co.