Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 2, Page 2
New Blue Hen Clubs team up for athletes

     There's a new team at the University of Delaware, but you won't
find its members on the field, on the court or in the pool. It's the
University of Delaware Athletic Fund (UDAF) and its associated
Fightin' Blue Hen Clubs, the newly created fundraising arm of the
University's 22-sport Intercollegiate Athletics Program.
     And, all that's needed to "make" this team is an interest in
maintaining the quality and competitiveness of UD athletics.
     UDAF's goal is to increase the number of alumni and friends
providing financial support to athletics, thus broadening the base of
private support. Overseeing the athletic fund is a 30-member board of
directors, 22 of whom will be public directors elected by the
membership. University trustee R.R.M. Carpenter III, who chairs the
Board of Trustees' Committee on Student Life and Athletics, has been
elected to serve as president of UDAF's founding board.
     "This new initiative has at its heart the basic concept of
teamwork," says Athletic Director Edgar Johnson. "While individual
effort is a key component in any endeavor, the combined efforts of
individuals working together as a team always result in far greater
accomplishments. That's the way we're looking at the UDAF and the
Fightin' Blue Hen Clubs."
     Initially, Fightin' Blue Hen Clubs will be created in those
geographic locations where existing support for athletics has been
greatest-Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Each club
will have its own president and a volunteer structure responsible for
recruiting members through personal contact, personalized mailings and
a phonathon.
     A gift of $50 or more ensures membership, and various benefits
will be provided to donors. Based on their giving levels, donors may
receive priority seating for football and basketball, news releases,
media guides, recognition in football and basketball programs and
membership in the Bob Carpenter Club. Donors who pledge $1,000 a year
for five years will receive membership in the Delaware Diamonds
     Officers will establish a meeting schedule for their individual
Fightin' Blue Hen clubs, and University coaches and administrators
will attend these meetings as their game and travel schedules allow. A
meeting of all members is planned to be held each spring on the Newark
     Revenue to support the 11 men's and 11 women's teams at the
University of Delaware has traditionally come from a variety of
sources, including University funds, the state and ticket sales.
Increased support from private gifts from alumni and friends of the
University is central to the future of the Delaware athletic program.
Additional support for the University's athletic fund can make the
difference between a good year and a great year, Johnson says. Gifts
to the UDAF can help meet special needs, including equipment, travel,
recruiting, scholarships and facilities.
     "It's going to take a number of individuals working together to
ensure that all 22 sports are financially secure and competitive. If
we can get all those alumni and friends who currently make gifts to
athletics to convince others to do the same, then we've got a team,"
says Johnson.
     For further information on how to support the athletic program's
competitiveness and success, call Kathleen Houghton at (302) 831-1075.