Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 1, Page 10
William Baldt-Goldey-Beacom College

     The University of Delaware is one of the major influences in my
life," says William Baldt, president of Goldey-Beacom College for the
past 17 years. Baldt, who has had links with Delaware as a student,
administrator and as a director of the Alumni Association, is included
in the Alumni Wall of Fame.
     When he was an undergraduate in the '50s, the University was much
smaller, and campus life was centered around studying, sports and
social events, Baldt recalls.
     "That all changed when I returned in the '60s as assistant
admissions director," he says. "That was a time of turmoil on campuses
all over the country, including Delaware. Students were literally on
the march across campus, demonstrating against the military, and they
even occupied my office. Society itself had changed, and universities
mirrored those changes. One lesson I learned from that experience was
to keep the channels of communication open and to listen.
     "I am still a very good listener," says Baldt, who is known to
Goldey-Beacom students for his accessibility.
     Baldt has affection and respect for the administrators with whom
he worked. "Provost Carl Rees, Vice President John Hocutt and
admissions director Edward Ott were great men and had tremendous
influence on me, along with President John Perkins," Baldt says.
     "Perkins was...very focused on where the University was going and
on his goals. He was a detail man-even checking the staff to make sure
our shoes were shined," he recalls.
     Baldt served as dean of students at Brandywine College before
heading to Goldey-Beacom in 1977. He has seen Goldey-Beacom grow
physically, establish a business training center and a branch campus
in Milford, Del. The student body also has become increasing
international, he says. Of its 1,600 students, 103 are from outside
the United States.
     "Our focus and mission are business education and this is what we
do best. We offer 17 majors in business and get direction from our
board of trustees who represent many area corporations and businesses.
Today's employees need strong skills, and more is required of them
than in the past. One of our current projects is establishing an
evening MBA program, and we are moving ahead to find qualified faculty
to teach in this area," Baldt says.