Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 1, Page 7
Nursing alumni volunteer as mini-mentors

     Alumni from the University of Delaware's College of Nursing have
created a new mentor program designed to benefit UD students and
alumni alike. The Career Network Program will link working alumni with
students or other alumni who would like to spend a day at work with a
nurse in a particular specialty.
     "This mini-mentoring program is designed to give students and
alumni who may wish to investigate specific career areas insight into
different career paths," Mary Lou Hamilton, president of the College
of Nursing Alumni Association, said.
     The program, which began this fall, could include mentors from a
wide variety of nursing areas, such as obstetrical, pediatric,
psychiatric, operating room, medical/surgical and community health
nursing, nursing management and nursing education.
     Additionally, the program is designed to provide exposure to
varied institutional settings, an opportunity to meet alumni from a
different class, a chance to explore a totally different area of
nursing practice and an opportunity to share time with a classmate, as
well as a chance to "swap stories" about the UD, meet new people and
make new friends.
     Benefits for alumni include an opportunity to "touch the future,"
find out what's happening at their alma mater, share expertise and
convince someone that their area of nursing is "the best," Hamilton
     Alumni who are interested in sponsoring undergraduates or fellow
alumni for the day and students and alumni who are interested in
visiting a job site should contact the College of Nursing by calling
(302)831-2381 or by fax at (302)831-2382.