Messenger - Vol. 4, No. 1, Page 11
Linda Jolly-Salem College

     My goal at Salem College is to make it the best, rural community
college in the nation," says president Linda Jolly, Delaware '73M. A
graduate of Howard University, Jolly says attending the University of
Delaware provided a new experience for her, exposing her to a
different culture and environment.
     As a single parent working for the Delaware Division of Social
Services, Jolly was encouraged by the division to attend the
University's College of Human Resources for graduate study in child
     "The faculty was supportive, and I learned a lot in and out of
the classroom," Jolly says. "As an African-American graduate student
then, I was something of an anomaly, so it was a learning experience
for all of us."
     Jolly helped found an infant-care research center in Milford,
Del., as part of her graduate work. "The real-life, hands-on
experience was invaluable," she says.
     One of Jolly's friends and mentors at Delaware was the late
Richard Wilson, who became the University's first, full-time black
administrator when, in 1967, he was named director of the Upward Bound
     After Delaware, Jolly received her doctorate from the United
States International University and also worked as the director of the
East San Diego Community Center. Before assuming her present position,
Jolly served as vice president and campus director of Delaware
Technical & Community College at its Terry Campus in Dover, Del.
     Salem Community College, a two-year public institution
established in 1972, has a student population of 3,900, with a median
age of 29. It offers associate degrees and certificate programs in
liberal arts, technology, nursing, business and education.
     Among her accomplishments at Salem Community College, Jolly
developed a Graduate Guarantee Program for students employed by local
firms. If a graduate's training is inadequate in any way, the employee
may return to Salem College for further training at no cost.