Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 4, Page 27
Summer 1994
Multiple connections

     Spring Reunion provided an opportunity for Signe L. Clayton, vice
president of the Class of 1995, and Harvey Newton Brown, Delaware '21,
to meet YoUDee and discuss the relationships they share. Although
their University connections cover a span of 74 years, their personal
relationship extends over a period of more than 300 years. They are
seventh cousins twice removed and are descendants of William Clayton
(1632-1689), a Quaker and friend of William Penn, who was a member of
Penn's Provincial Council. William Clayton and his family reached New
Castle on the ship Kent on June 10, 1677. Other known descendants of
Clayton who are UD alumni include Anne Clayton Nesbitt '42 and Carolyn
Nesbitt DiMuzio '71. This bit of history was provided by John M.
Clayton Jr., assistant director of the University's Development
Office, former University archivist, campus bus tour guide at spring
reunions for nearly 25 years and father of Signe. Clayton would be
interested in knowing of other UD alumni who are descended from
William Clayton. He can be contacted at the University's Development