Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 4, Page 10
Summer 1994
DELWRAP in the pollution prevention business

     After retiring from the DuPont Co., Fred Hurlock, Delaware '55,
was looking for new and challenging activity. In April 1992, he found
himself back at the University, as the manager of the Delaware Waste
Reduction Assistant Program (DELWRAP) in the Department of Civil
     Funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency,
DELWRAP was created by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources
and Environmental Control (DNREC) to satisfy a 1990 law requiring it
to provide pollution prevention assistance to businesses.
     DELWRAP provides hands-on technical assistance and planning to
solve specific pollution problems for small to medium-sized
businesses. The primary focus is on prevention and control.
     Hurlock visits plant sites to analyze business operations and
processes and to identify the type and quantity of waste generated. He
then provides the plant with a confidential report detailing waste
reduction options and advice on how to implement them.
     Waste reduction techniques include process modifications, on-site
recycling and reuse of wastes, inventory control, plant maintenance
and safety programs, educational programs and waste segregation.
     Hurlock also conducts follow-up visits to look at the plant's
progress and investigate any problems that have arisen.
     In addition to providing technical assistance, DELWRAP also
offers facility planning to Delaware businesses, helping them develop
a written plan that establishes pollution prevention as company
                                           -Gina Poltrok, Delaware '94