Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 4, Page 11
Summer 1994
CITE initiates multicultural interaction

     Over the summer, Victor Martuza, director of the UD Center for
Intercultural Teacher Education (CITE), traveled to such diverse
places as Zimbabwe and Sweden to initiate interaction with faculty and
students in other countries.
     While in Zimbabwe, the associate professor of educational studies
arranged for a teacher to come to Delaware for a semester next year,
part of an annual effort by the College of Education to host a teacher
from southern Africa.
     "CITE's mission is to increase attention to international and
multicultural concerns in teacher education at the University," says
Charles Marler, associate director of CITE and associate professor of
educational studies.
     According to Marler, CITE offers programs and projects for both
faculty and students. Martuza's summer travels are part of the
organization's International Educator's Program. Another program is
Study Abroad, which includes a Winter Session in England and Scotland,
student teaching abroad and the new Scottish Semester, sponsored by
the College of Human Resources.
     CITE also offers both internationally oriented and multicultural
field trips. In the fall, students may go to New York to tour the
United Nations, and, in the spring, they may visit the Organization of
American States in Washington, D.C. These field trips, Marler says,
are organized around important contemporary intercultural themes,
problems or conflicts.
     Other one-day study trips expose education majors to innovative
programs for culturally different students by visiting schools in the
     "It's a multi-faceted effort," says Marler, adding that CITE's
other components include tutoring students from other cultures,
teaching illiterate adults to read, holding speaker series on
international and multicultural issues, conducting research and
providing curriculum resources for educators.
                                           -Gina Poltrok, Delaware '94