Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 3, Page D-2
Spring 1994
Dean's Corner

     Welcome to this latest issue of Dialog-with its new, colorful
look and news about the college. Dialog will be mailed to alumni and
friends of the college throughout the year as a special insert in
     Messenger. You will find news of alumni achievements in the
Messenger's Class Notes section. As always, there is much to report to
you from our college.
     I am pleased to announce that Genevieve Gore of W. L. Gore &
Associates has accepted the invitation of University Board of Trustees
Chairman Andrew B. Kirkpatrick Jr. to serve on the College of Business
and Economics' Visiting Committee.
     This committee is one of 10 created by the Board of Trustees to
draw upon the expertise of the larger community, enhancing the
University's understanding of available options and communicating to a
larger constituency what is already being done well.
     Our Visiting Committee reports to the Board of Trustees'
Committee on Societal Studies.
     Donald R. Brunner, senior vice president of J.P. Morgan Delaware,
chairs the Visiting Committee.
     Members are Carolyn S. Burger, president and CEO, Bell Atlantic
Delaware; Charles M. Cawley, chairman and CEO, MBNA America, N.A.;
Robert A. Fischer Jr., University trustee and president, Milford
Fertilizer Co.; John A. Krol, vice chairman of the board, DuPont Co.;
Calvert A. Morgan, chairman, president and CEO, PNC Bank-Delaware;
John F. Porter III, chairman and CEO, Delaware Trust Co.; Leonard W.
Quill, chairman, president and CEO, Wilmington Trust Co.; James E.
Smith, president, Walker/Free Associates Inc.; Thomas G. Tepas, senior
vice president-administration, Hercules Inc.; Chaplin Tyler,
University benefactor, former professor and retired DuPont Co.
research chemist; and Walter F. Williams, former president and CEO,
Bethlehem Steel Co.
     The new Executive MBA Program, targeted to begin this fall, is
attracting favorable response. In fact, a full class has been admitted
and there is a waiting list. This 19-month program, which has courses
scheduled on Friday evenings and Saturdays, will begin with a five-day
residency in Lewes, Del.
     In February, the University Faculty Senate approved major
revisions proposed by the college to its regular MBA program-action
that makes the Delaware MBA one of the most current, "state-of-the-
art" programs of its kind in the nation. In addition to the current
concentration in finance, the revisions created seven new
concentrations:  accounting, business economics, international
business, management, marketing, operations, and technology and
innovative management. Other major changes affirmed by the Faculty
Senate include reduction in the number of courses required for
graduation and the elimination of prerequisites. Course titles,
numbers and content in virtually all courses also were revised.
     Starting this fall, the college will offer honors degrees in all
its bachelor's degree programs, having recently added that distinction
to accounting and business administration degrees. Also this fall, the
college will offer an introductory survey business course for non-
business majors. Students targeted for enrollment in this course are
undeclared arts and science students who may have an interest in
careers in business but have had little or no prior education in the
     Thanks to the generosity of two of the college's faculty members,
additional scholarships for talented incoming freshmen will be
available this fall. Three students will be partially funded for a
four-year period, and they, as well as other students awarded
scholarship monies through the college, will be designated Dean's
Scholars throughout their undergraduate careers, in recognition of
their exceptional abilities and academic scholarship.
     Please plan to join us this fall. The college's Alumni
Association invites you to attend Homecoming festivities on Saturday,
Oct. 22. The presentation of the fourth annual B&E Alumni Award of
Excellence and a reception will be held in Room 101B of Clayton Hall
from 10-11 a.m. Afterward, all alumni are invited to be our guests at
the college's Homecoming tailgate from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
     I am pleased to announce that alumni contributions to the college
continue to grow. This year's college phonathon saw a sizeable
increase in contributions, from $24,000 in 1992, to $41,100 in 1993,
to in excess of $60,000 in 1994. These donations were designated for
the college's departments and various college programs. As always, we
thank you for your continued generous support as we build toward the
                                                  Kenneth R. Biederman
                               Dean, College of Business and Economics