Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 3, Page D-7
Spring 1994
B&E Needs You

     The College of Business and Economics Alumni Association is soliciting
nominations from alumni interested in serving on its Board of Directors.
     The Board of Directors is composed of nine directors, including five
officers. To ensure a rotation of the board membership, three positions serve
for two years and six serve for three years. Board members also may be asked to
serve as committee chairs.
     Board positions to be replaced, all for two-year memberships, are:
        * Vice President and Chair of the Outreach Committee
        * Corresponding Secretary
        * Board member
     If you would like to nominate yourself or submit a nomination on behalf of
someone else, please complete and return the form below by Aug. 1 to: Joyce L.
Hart, Assistant to the Dean, College of Business and Economics, Room 228 Purnell
Hall, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716.
                     Your participation is much appreciated!
                           Please return by Aug. 1 to:
                      Joyce L. Hart, Assistant to the Dean
                        College of Business and Economics
                              Room 228 Purnell Hall
                             University of Delaware
                                Newark, DE 19716.