Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 18
Fall 1993
Sustained service

     Presenting Littleton P. Mitchell of Delaware City, Del., with the
University's Medal of Merit in recognition of his contributions to human
progress in the community, state and region, President David P. Roselle
noted that Mitchell "has championed the cause of civil and human rights for
minorities in the state of Delaware for more than 20 years." A former
teacher/counselor for socially and emotionally disturbed children, Mitchell
has served as president of the Delaware State Conference of Branches of the
NAACP since 1961 and as president and vice president of Region II of the
NAACP (Maine to Delaware). A lifelong advocate for desegregation in the
state, he has received many awards for his efforts to eliminate migrant
labor camps in Delaware. His wife, Jane, received the University's Medal of
Merit in 1980.